£11,000 compensation recovered for a survivor of sexual offences

£11,000 compensation recovered for a survivor of sexual offences


The Case:


In 2014, an unfortunate incident occurred that deeply affected our client, Miss K. She reached out to our dedicated team in 2020, seeking justice for the distressing sexual offences that she had endured.


Our Approach:


Initially, Miss K was out of the time limit to make a claim. Our team, however, recognised the impact of her mental health on the delay in applying for compensation with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority(CICA), took special care to build a strong case that explained and supported her situation in order to ensure compensation was recovered.


By gathering Miss K’s mental health records, we aimed to provide crucial evidence and contextual information. This evidence was essential in justifying the delay in her claim. Typically, the CICA expects claims to be submitted within two years. However, we recognised that mental health challenges can significantly impact a survivor’s ability to come forward promptly. Understanding these complexities, we sought to present a comprehensive case that considered the unique circumstances of our client.


Understanding Miss K’s preference, we established early on that all communication would be conducted through telephone calls, as Miss K felt more comfortable with this. This approach allowed us to build a rapport and establish trust, creating a safe space for her to share her concerns and fears. We understand how difficult it can be to discuss issues like these and adapt our approach where possible.


Throughout the claim process, Miss K faced moments when the situation became overwhelming, causing panic attacks during our telephone conversations. We understand how difficult it can be to discuss issues such as these. We remained steady in our commitment to Miss K’s well-being. Our empathetic support played a crucial role in helping Miss K regain calmness, offering comfort and calm during those challenging moments. We were determined to provide the support Miss K needed to ensure the compensation was recovered.


The Outcome:


The outcome of the claim passed our client’s expectations.  Miss K showed her thanks and happiness, emphasising that she never anticipated receiving any compensation, let alone such a large recovered compensation amount of £11,000.


This financial recognition was not only a validation of her experiences but also a vital step in Miss K’s healing journey. Our strong support throughout the claim process had a deep impact on Miss K, showing our commitment to fighting for justice and ensuring Miss K’s well-being was prioritised.


This success story shows Miss Ks strength in coming forward and our firm’s commitment to supporting vulnerable clients, particularly those struggling with significant mental health challenges. Recognising the individuality of each client’s situation, we focus on their well-being as the foundation of our approach.



We actively listen, adapt communication methods, and provide caring support, lifting individuals to find a sense of closure. We are humbled by the opportunity to have made a positive impact on our client’s life. This journey strengthens our commitment to backing justice, compassion, and support for those who need it most.


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