Uncovering our client’s £11,000 win against police assault

Uncovering our client’s £11,000 win against police assault


The Case:


Miss W endured a sexual assault in June 2023 from a source most would consider trustworthy: a corrupt police officer. Beyond the physical pain, Miss W grappled with a paralysing fear. Finding the courage to voice such a trauma is challenging, especially when it concerns those meant to ensure our safety. It took her three days to come forward. This wasn’t negligence on her part, but a reflection of the trauma’s depth. Though the CICA often hopes for immediate reporting, we understand that the shades of trauma aren’t always easily defined.


Our Approach:


Supporting Miss W was at the forefront of our actions. We deeply understood the trauma she faced, intensified by the horrible act of a supposed protector – a police officer. The three-day reporting delay needed careful handling with the CICA. While they typically lean towards immediate reports, we stressed the significance of Miss W’s genuine fears and the challenges she faced in coming forward. Our evidence-gathering was meticulous. From securing police records to obtaining crucial medical documentation, every piece had a role in piecing together Miss W’s story. Given the backdrop of corrupt police involvement, ensuring thoroughness and clarity was of utmost importance. Maintaining open lines of communication with the CICA was essential. We didn’t merely present a case; we portrayed Miss W’s emotional journey, urging them to appreciate her immense courage in navigating such a distressing ordeal and ensuring she did everything possible to get the case to court.


The Outcome


Miss W’s journey, though harrowing, resulted in tangible steps towards healing and justice. Our diligent efforts culminated in an award of £11,000 from the CICA. While no amount of money can ever truly compensate for the trauma she experienced, this award serves as a recognition of her pain and the injustices she endured. However, we must underscore that this isn’t a victory. For Miss W, it’s a step in her ongoing healing journey. It’s about rebuilding trust, mending the emotional scars, and finding the strength to move forward in life. This outcome is a testament to her resilience. While we’ve strived to support Miss W throughout, her bravery in facing the aftermath of such an incident with a corrupt police officer is truly commendable. As she continues her path to recovery, we stand by her, championing her rights and ensuring she’s supported every step of the way.

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