£11,000 secured for survivor of childhood abuse

£11,000 secured for survivor of childhood abuse

The Case


Miss W came to us seeking compensation for the horrific childhood abuse she had endured. Unfortunately, her claim was initially rejected, as the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority(CICA) stated there was no crime of violence, leaving her without the support she deserved. We were determined to help her obtain the compensation she deserved.


Our Approach


Understanding the seriousness of Miss W’s situation, we embarked on a thorough investigation. We obtained proof of a conviction as crucial evidence which showed that the assailant responsible for the childhood abuse had been convicted. This served as strong support for Miss W’s claim.

With the proof of conviction, we meticulously built a compelling case. Our dedicated team left no stone unturned, carefully collecting additional evidence to strengthen Miss W’s claim. We focused on the specifics of her situation, ensuring that her voice was heard and her story was told with clarity.


The Outcome


Through our continued efforts, we successfully appealed the initial rejection of Miss W’s claim. The authorities reconsidered their decision and awarded her a compensation amount of £11,000 for the childhood abuse she endured. This outcome was a significant victory, giving Miss W the acknowledgment and financial redress she deserved.

The compensation we secured for Miss W was instrumental in helping her on her journey to healing and recovery. It validated her experiences and provided a measure of closure, allowing her to move forward with renewed hope for the future.

We remain steady in our commitment to supporting survivors of childhood abuse. Our experienced team is dedicated to fighting for their rights to compensation. We understand that it is not just about the financial compensation but about the recognition of what happened.

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