£16,000 Increase To Mr E’s Criminal Injury Claim

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£16,000 Increase To Mr E’s Criminal Injury Claim


The Case:


Mr. E tragically experienced a brutal assault, suffering severe injuries from being stabbed and kicked. These serious events left him with profound physical harm and emotional trauma. Initially, the CICA only offered compensation of £3,950 in Mr. E’s criminal injury claim. This starkly misjudged the serious repercussions of his ordeal. This amount failed to recognise the extent of Mr. E’s suffering and the long-term psychological impact he has had to bear.


Our Approach:


Determined to get justice for Mr. E, we committed to challenging the offer. Our strategy involved gathering substantial evidence. This included a detailed psychological report, which describes the mental anguish Mr. E experiences following the attack.


As we entered 2023, our persistent efforts in Mr E’s criminal injury claim began to yield results. The CICA looked over their offer, raising it to £7,400. This new figure now accounted for the mental distress, skull fracture, and scarring on Mr. E’s arms caused by the attack. However, we believe Mr. E was entitled to even more, given the severity of his situation.


We geared up for the tribunal, armed with crucial loss of earnings documents and the support of an experienced barrister. Our objective is clear: to present a comprehensive case that encompasses every aspect of Mr. E’s traumatic experience and its repercussions on his life.


The Outcome:


The tribunal was a turning point in Mr. E’s criminal injury claim. Our efforts resulted in a significant victory: Mr. E was granted a total compensation of £20,419. This amount significantly surpassed the first offer made by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), which stood at just £3,950 in August 2022.


This increase of over £16,000 is a testament to the impact of Mr. E’s injuries and the dedication of our legal team. It signifies our commitment to getting the maximum compensation possible for our clients who have suffered from criminal injuries. Mr. E’s acceptance of this compensation marks a pivotal moment in his journey towards justice, healing, and recovery.


At our law firm, we go the extra mile to support our clients, ensuring they get the rightful compensation in their criminal injury claims. Our approach mirrors our dedication to securing the best outcomes for our clients. We take pride in our significant role in Mr. E’s journey to justice and closure.

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