£179,050 Secured in a Tragic Brain Injury Claim

£179,050 Secured in a Tragic Brain Injury Claim


Brain scan representation related to a child's injury story.


The Case


In handling this brain injury claim, we were confronted with a heart-wrenching story. Our young client experienced a tragic incident during their early days. Due to a severe event, they sustained significant brain damage. This led to them developing cerebral palsy, greatly impacting their ability to control their limbs. In addition, the repercussions of the injury were such that they lost their sight and ability to communicate verbally. Their eyes were severely affected, with medical interventions unable to restore their vision. This situation has placed an immense emotional burden on the family, as they navigate the challenges while providing unwavering support and love to their child.


Our Approach


Handling a brain injury claim like this requires thoroughness. Our team understands the challenges the family faces. We’re always beside them, offering help every step of the way. It’s not just about papers and laws; it’s about easing their load. The next step is gathering all pieces of the puzzle: medical notes, police reports, and other crucial details. We then put it all together ensuring the case is as strong as possible to secure a positive outcome. After that, we send it to the CICA. They look over everything we’ve provided, assess it, and then decide on the claim over a period of time.


The Outcome


Determined efforts have led to an award of £179,050. Under normal circumstances, such compensation is set aside in a trust, awaiting the child’s 18th birthday. But considering the heartrending prognosis about the child’s health, there’s a provision in place. Should the unthinkable happen and the child doesn’t reach their 18th birthday, the funds will seamlessly transition to the designated guardian or beneficiary. Money can never replace what’s been lost, but we genuinely hope that this financial support provides a cushion for the family, helping them find moments of solace and steps towards healing in the days ahead.

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