£33,720 Claim for Loss of Sight

£33,720 Claim for Loss of Sight

The Case


Mr. P found himself dealing with the aftermath of an assault that resulted in facial scarring. Initially, Mr P received an offer of £2,400 for his injuries from the CICA. However, we quickly realised that the CICA had overlooked a critical element—the deep impact of his loss of sight in one eye. With a sense of urgency, we sprang into action, determined to rectify this oversight and advocate for Mr. P’s rightful compensation.

Our Approach


In our pursuit of justice, we advised Mr. P to appeal the CICA’s decision. We recognised the importance of emphasising Mr P’s loss of sight and the significant role it played in his suffering. Taking an active role in his case, we carefully built a comprehensive application. We ensured every aspect of Mr P’s injuries and their impact on his daily life was conveyed. To strengthen Mr P’s claim, we obtained a crucial medical report from his Optician. This provided undeniable evidence of the extent of his visual impairment.

The Outcome


Thanks to our efforts and the evidence we gathered, the CICA conducted a thorough review of Mr. P’s case. They acknowledged the oversight of Mr P’s loss of sight and recognised the immense impact it had on his well-being. As a result, the CICA acknowledged that the initial offer of £2,400 was not appropriate. It was raised to a life-changing amount of £33,720, accurately reflecting the true magnitude of Mr. P’s suffering. This outcome not only provided him with the financial resources he needed but also gave him a renewed sense of hope and support.

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