Non-Recent Abuse Claim: £75,651.32 Awarded to Miss T

Non-Recent Abuse Claim: £75,651.32 Awarded to Miss T


The Claim


In Miss T’s significant case, the long-term impacts of non-recent abuse are starkly evident. Suffering a period of sexual abuse as a minor, Miss T faced profound psychological trauma. The deep emotional scars from this period greatly delayed her ability to seek legal redress, a typical hurdle in cases of non-recent abuse.


Miss T’s ordeal during those crucial years not only caused immediate distress but also led to enduring mental health challenges. Miss T encountered significant hurdles due to the mental health effects of her abuse. These effects were a major factor in her delayed application for a CICA claim. Normally, claims like these are asked to be submitted before one reaches their 20th birthday.


Our task was to help navigate the legal intricacies associated with non-recent abuse, ensuring that the legal system recognised Miss T’s unique situation and the delayed impact of her traumatic experience.



Our Approach


Dealing with a sensitive case of non-recent abuse, our strategy involved more than just presenting the facts of the abuse. One of the key challenges was to explain to the CICA why Miss T was unable to apply for a claim earlier. The mental health issues stemming from the non-recent abuse significantly affected her ability to come forward.


We gathered and submitted comprehensive medical records as evidence to demonstrate that Miss T’s mental health issues, a direct consequence of the non-recent abuse, prevented her from applying sooner. This was a critical aspect of our approach, as it highlighted the extenuating circumstances surrounding her delay in seeking compensation.


Recognising the importance of these details in cases of non-recent abuse, we carefully compiled all necessary documentation. We helped Miss T obtain a psychologist report. The report was vital in showing the CICA the true effect the abuse has had on her mental health. This approach was instrumental in convincing the CICA to consider these factors as extenuating circumstances, thereby validating Miss T’s delayed claim.



The Outcome


Our unwavering effort to build a strong, compassionate case led to a successful outcome. The CICA acknowledged the severe impact of the non-recent abuse on Miss T’s mental health. They accepted how this could have been an extenuating circumstance that delayed her claim. They awarded her £13,500 for the disabling mental injury, £55,794 for past loss of earnings (LOE), and £6,357.32 for future LOE, amounting to a total compensation of £75,651.32.


Miss T’s case highlights the complexities inherent in non-recent abuse claims. It underscores the importance of understanding and addressing the long-term effects of such traumatic experiences.


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