CICA Claim Success: £11,720 Compensation Awarded to Mr. M

Visual portrayal of facial bruising, representing the physical injuries endured.

CICA Claim Success: £11,720 Compensation Awarded to Mr. M


The Claim


Our client, Mr. M, found himself in a challenging situation. He had sustained severe injuries, including facial fractures, damaged teeth, and blurry vision. He also had scars, which served as a strong reminder of what he went through. Mr. M had hoped to get financial help through a CICA claim for these damages. But, there was a problem. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, CICA, had dismissed his claim, saying he hadn’t cooperated fully. This decision left Mr. M, unsure about the next steps for his claim.


Our Approach


We became aware of the issue with Mr. M’s claim and didn’t waste any time addressing it. It came to our notice that we hadn’t received any communication from CICA asking for more details about his claim. This oversight was significant. It meant we could argue that the rejection of the CICA claim wasn’t justified.


Mr. M gave us his consent to proceed with an appeal against the decision. We began formulating a strong case, asserting that the CICA’s rejection was wrong. However, we knew that just using words wouldn’t be enough to support Mr. M’s claim. We needed strong medical evidence. Consequently, we started gathering important medical records, talking to healthcare providers, and carefully organising all the evidence.


The Outcome


Our dedication to Mr. M’s CICA claim paid off. Upon looking into the comprehensive appeal and the medical evidence, the CICA decided to re-evaluate their initial rejection. They ultimately decided to offer compensation to Mr. M, amounting to £11,720, for the injuries he had sustained.


This outcome marked a remarkable turnaround for Mr. M’s CICA claim. We felt a sense of accomplishment in being able to assist him through this process. It served as a reminder that perseverance and the right guidance can lead to positive outcomes, even in seemingly bleak circumstances surrounding a CICA claim.


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