Historic Abuse Claim Ends With £231,670.80 Payout

Historic Abuse Claim Ends With £231,670.80 Payout


The Case:


As a young girl, Mrs. O was subjected to harrowing abuse for several years. This dark chapter of her life was marked by two individuals who abused her in the worst way. It took immense courage, but years later, Mrs. O found the strength to share her story with the police. However, her fears grew when the case did not proceed to court. Would this halt her historic abuse claim? Thankfully, the evidence from the police investigation offered a glimmer of hope.


Our Approach:


Our commitment was clear: support Mrs. O in every possible way. Historic abuse claims come with their set of challenges, and Mrs. O’s case was further complicated. She had surpassed the age limit set by the CICA to make a claim for incidents that occurred during childhood. We needed to ensure the CICA understood the reasons behind the delay.


We embarked on a rigorous process of evidence collection. The data from the police was invaluable, painting a vivid picture of the ordeal Mrs. O endured. Additionally, a psychiatrist’s report highlighted the severe mental health impacts resulting from the abuse. Armed with this compelling evidence, we approached the CICA, laying out the reasons that had kept Mrs. O from coming forward sooner.


The Outcome:


Our efforts made a difference. The CICA awarded Mrs. O £27,000, acknowledging the profound trauma she had suffered. But there was more. Understanding the long term impact the abuse had on her ability to work and earn, the CICA further awarded her over £204,670.80 for lost earnings, both past and projected.


Money cannot replace lost time or heal deep wounds, but it is an acknowledgment, a step towards justice. Mrs. O’s journey with historic abuse claims has been one of immense bravery. Her resilience is commendable, and we are honoured to have been a part of her journey towards healing and justice.



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