Permanent Scarring Compensation Increased to £4,100

Permanent Scarring Compensation Increased to £4,100

The Case


Mr. S, our client, suffered from profound permanent scarring that marred his neck, lower limbs, and torso. These visible reminders of his traumatic experience took a toll on both his physical well-being and emotional state. When Mr. S received an initial compensation offer of £1,950, he held onto the hope that it would adequately address the impact of his injuries. However, upon thorough evaluation, we recognised that the offered amount fell far short of appropriately acknowledging the extent and severity of Mr. S’s permanent scarring.

Our Approach


During our conversation, Mr. S initially seemed satisfied with the offer. However, we shared our personal opinion, explaining that the compensation did not adequately reflect the severity of his injuries. Mr. S was initially worried about the appeals process, but he eventually decided to proceed with a review.

To expedite matters, we quickly initiated the appeal, gathering and presenting all the necessary documents and evidence. Our focus was on emphasising the long-term impact of the permanent scarring, both physically and emotionally. We addressed the need for fair compensation that would truly acknowledge the extent of Mr. S’s suffering.

The Outcome


In just four weeks, the appeal yielded positive results. The compensation offer was reviewed and increased to £4,100, more than double the initial amount. Mr. S was extremely happy and expressed his gratitude for our help.

The increased permanent scarring compensation of £4,100 acknowledges what Mr. S experiences daily. It considers the emotional distress and physical discomfort he endures due to the visible scars on his neck, lower limbs, and torso. This revised offer provides a fair resolution, recognising the profound impact of his injuries and enabling Mr. S to move forward.

In conclusion, Mr. S’s case exemplifies the importance of a thorough review and appeal process in obtaining fair permanent scarring compensation. Through our proactive approach and strong advocacy, we successfully increased the compensation to £4,100, significantly improving Mr. S’s situation and providing him with the recognition and support he rightly deserves.

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