Securing £4,600 in Assault Compensation

Securing £4,600 in Assault Compensation

The Case:


Mr. B, a victim of a violent assault, experienced a severe leg injury, which lead to an initial compensation offer of £1,800. Recognising the potential for an appeal, we advised Mr. B on pursuing a higher award. Given the long-lasting impact of his injury and his ongoing disability, it was evident that fair assault compensation was necessary and just.

Our Approach:


Acting promptly, we closely collaborated with Mr. B’s hospital specialist to gather all important case details. We understood the significance of presenting a robust argument for increased assault compensation. With this objective in mind, we worked hand in hand with the specialist to create a comprehensive report, carefully assessing the long-term consequences arising from Mr. B’s assault-related leg injury. The specialist agreed to complete the report, recognising the importance of obtaining fair compensation for Mr. B.

The Outcome:


Through our diligent efforts, the initial compensation offer was re-evaluated, resulting in an increase to £4,600. This revision effectively reflects the severity of Mr. B’s assault-related leg injury, ensuring proper acknowledgment and addressal of his ongoing challenges. The increased assault compensation amount of £4,600 demonstrates our unwavering commitment to pursuing fair outcomes for our clients, especially in cases involving assault-related injuries.

Mr. B’s enhanced compensation serves as a testament of our approach in securing fair assault compensation. It shows our dedication to ensuring that victims of assault receive appropriate compensation for the harm they have endured. By advocating for his rights and carefully building a compelling case, we successfully achieved a just outcome for Mr. B.

Mr. B’s case shows the significance of seeking fair assault compensation for victims of violent assaults. Through prompt action and collaboration, we effectively secured an increased award of £4,600. This provided Mr. B with the recognition and support he deserves. We remain resolute in our commitment to pursuing justice and advocating for fair compensation in cases involving assault related injuries.

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