Domestic Abuse and Violence – 2023 Data

Domestic violence

This post is a part of our guide series to support anyone who may be experiencing domestic violence or has questions on what they should do:

What is Domestic Violence?
Who Commits Domestic Violence and Why?
What are the Signs and Symptoms of Domestic Violence?
How to Handle & Deal with Domestic Violence
How to Escape (or Help Someone Else Escape) Domestic Violence
How to Heal and Recover from Domestic Violence
What Impacts Does Domestic Violence Have on Victims and Their Family/Friends?
How to report Domestic Violence (and Who to Report it to)
How is Domestic Violence Proven in Court?
Punishment and Sentencing for Violent Domestic Abuse
How can Domestic Violence be Prevented?
What Effects Does Domestic Violence Have on Wider Society?
Domestic Violence Data & Statistics
Domestic Violence Helplines, Support & Further Reading

Domestic violence can range from emotional abuse to physical and sexual abuse.

The abuser can be a partner, relative, neighbour, employer or friend; not all domestic abuse is contained within a relationship with a partner.

These various types of abuse are often difficult to identify so it is important to remember that abuse becomes abuse when someone is misusing their power or control over you to deliberately cause mental or physical harm and distress.

What percent of domestic violence cases are alcohol-related?

According to an ‘Alcohol Commission Report 2020’ that was debated in the House of Lords in April 2021, alcohol fuels almost 40% of violent crimes and half of domestic violence.

The organisation ‘Alcohol change UK’ discuss the link between alcohol and domestic abuse, stating, “drinking and domestic abuse often occur at the same time”. Many domestic violence incidents occur when one or both partners are drinking. However, there will also be cases where individuals who are addicted to alcohol get irritable and angry when they do not have access to alcohol.

It is important to note that where there may be a link between alcohol and domestic violence, it should not be used as an excuse for the perpetrator’s behaviour, rather the perpetrator should be held responsible for their actions.

How many people are affected by domestic violence?

The Crime Survey for England and Wales published a report in which an estimated 6.9% (1.7 million) of women and 3% (699,000) of men experienced domestic in the year ending March 2022.

According to the charity ‘WHAG’, each year nearly 2 million people in the UK suffer some form of domestic abuse. 1 in 5 children has been exposed to domestic violence.

How many women die from domestic violence?

Although domestic abuse is experienced by both men and women, the abuse suffered by women is more physically severe and is more likely to result in serious injuries and even death.

The official crime statistics between April 2020 and March 2021 reported 177 women were murdered in England and Wales.

According to the charity ‘Refuge,’ 2 women a week are killed by a current or former partner in England and Wales.

How many men die from domestic violence?

The Crime Survey for England and Wales reported 86 victims of domestic homicide in the year ending March 2018 to March 2020.

But What Percentage of Domestic Violence Victims are Male?

According to the Office of National Statistics, 1 in 3 victims of domestic abuse victims are male. However, the charity ‘Mankind’ reports that half of male victims (49%) fail to tell anyone that they are a victim of abuse. Therefore, in reality, the figures may be a lot higher.

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