What Effects Does Assault Have on Wider Society?

This post is a part of our guide series to support anyone who may have been assaulted in the past or has questions around the topic:

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What Effects Does Assault Have on Wider Society?
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Assault crimes can have many negative consequences and effects on the victims and on society.

It can create long term problems including physical and mental health problems, these issues impact the safety and the well-being of the community too.

This guide aims to provide a better understanding about the effects of assault and how this impacts the society.

How does assault affect wider communities?

Assault crimes can create safety concerns for people in the community, safety is a human right and assault incidents can begin to make people feel unsafe.

Victims and witnesses of assault can suffer from long term health issues, some may forced to leave home for their safety. People with no direct link with the victims can be put in a potentially harmful situation if the assault takes place in public places.

Substance abuse and crime are also consequences of assault crimes that affect people on a community level.

One of the most crippling effects of assault is the dismantling of trust within people and communities, victims and witnesses may struggle to form relationships and begin to live in fear, weakening the community structure further

What impact does assault have on national resources?

Many of the incidents will involve the police, hospitals, courts, doctors and other facilities resources and services needed by society, this means less time is allocated to deal with other issues that are equally important.

Victims and witnesses of assault tend to suffer from long term physical and mental health problems making it difficult for them to fit in to society and may make them less productive.

The effect assault crime on employment and economy is also large as individuals involved in these situations tend to struggle in workplaces.

Children experiencing or witnessing assault are at a high risk of growing up to continuing the cycle of violence putting the strain back into society

We understand how difficult it is to see someone you know or love experiencing abuse, sometimes trying to help a victim is not easy. It’s important to remember that you are not alone and the first step that you should take is to talk to someone. No one should have to deal with abuse alone.

Here at the Criminal Injuries Helpline, we help victims of violent crime and abuse recover compensation. You may want to help the victim gain some justice, get in touch with us today to see if the victim would qualify.

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