NO MORE Week: Campaign To End Domestic & Sexual Abuse

The official NO MORE Week logo featuring a white circle with a blue ribbon against a bright blue background.

Domestic and sexual abuse remain two of the most pressing social issues across the globe. Each year, millions find themselves trapped in cycles of violence and fear, seeking a way out. It is against this backdrop that NO MORE Week emerges as a beacon of hope and action. As we step into this crucial week, let’s unite our voices, resources, and efforts to combat these deep-rooted problems. NO MORE Week not only shines a light on the darkness of abuse but also fosters a community of support, and, most importantly, change.

The Foundation of NO MORE Week

In 2013, a significant step was taken to tackle the hidden crisis of domestic and sexual violence with the creation of NO MORE Week. This initiative was born out of a collaboration between various organisations committed to putting an end to this widespread issue. The reason behind this movement was clear: too many cases of abuse were staying in the shadows, unnoticed and unreported. Research from the early 2000s up to 2014 consistently highlighted a troubling trend. Despite the prevalence of domestic abuse, very few victims came forward to report these crimes. This silence around domestic violence wasn’t just a local issue; it was a global crisis that demanded immediate action.

The launch of NO MORE Week was a direct response to this challenge. It aimed to break down the barriers of silence and stigma that often surround victims of abuse. By bringing attention to the issue and creating a space for open conversation. The campaign sought to encourage individuals to speak out, seek help, and support one another in the fight against violence.

Understanding NO MORE Week:

Imagine a world where no one has to face violence in their own home or in their relationships. That’s what NO MORE Week is all about. It’s a time every year when people across the globe come together to say “enough” to domestic and sexual violence. From classes that teach about the warning signs of violence to online posts that spread hope and support. NO MORE Week is filled with actions big and small that everyone can be a part of.

Latest Efforts and Happenings:

In 2023, a big highlight of NO MORE Week was the KNOW MORE Global Dialogue series. A worldwide conversation where experts, activists, and everyday people get together online to tackle the tough topic of gender-based violence. These discussions, podcasts, and writings are all about pulling together our knowledge and strength to stand against violence in relationships.

Looking ahead to NO MORE Week 2024 in the UK, it’s being set up as a huge chance for us all to step up against domestic and sexual violence on an international stage. The UK’s campaign, UK Says No More, is sharing easy ways for people to help out. From an app called Bright Sky that gives advice and support, to tips on how to use your voice and networks online to make a stand. It’s a reminder that the fight against violence is both a local and global effort.

Ways to Get Involved In NO MORE Week:

Getting involved with NO MORE Week can be as simple or as involved as you’re comfortable with. You could wear the campaign’s blue symbol, join in on educational sessions, or help spread the word online. The goal is to get as many people as possible to wake up and take steps against domestic and sexual violence. Whether it’s learning more about the issue, sharing information, or showing support in your community. Every action counts toward building a world where no more means no more.

NO MORE Week: A Message From Our Charity Partner’s At LVA

Can there really be a world where there is ‘No More’ domestic abuse or sexual violence? As we think about ‘No More’ week I wanted to address the hope (and lack of it) in eradicating domestic and sexual violence from our world.

At LVA we work in prevention and early intervention. we do what we can, as many organisations like ours do. But sometimes it feels like we are swimming against the current. We are up against the lived experience of domestic and sexual violence, p*rn culture, toxic masculinity, and a lack of resources (the list goes on).

NO MORE Week: “You Can’t Change The World But You Can Change The World For One Person”

One of our strap lines at LVA is “You can’t change the world but you can change the world for one person”.

If just one child leaves our workshops feeling equipped to tell a trusted adult about a lived experience of historic or current abuse, we have made a difference.

Just one child leaving a workshop feeling empowered to not continue the generational abusive behaviours they have grown up witnessing, we have made a difference.

If just one child leaves our workshop encouraged to hold their mates accountable for unhealthy/toxic behaviours and create a culture of accountability in their friendship group, we have made a difference.

‘No More’ week is about a world of individuals coming together. Not to simply tell other people what they should and shouldn’t be doing to combat domestic abuse and sexual violence. But also to look at ourselves and our relationships and do what we can within the spaces we are in. “Changing the world one person at a time” starting with ourselves!

Closing Thoughts

As we observe NO MORE week we are met with the daunting realisation. The chances of a world fully without domestic and sexual abuse is sadly slim. But by raising awareness and encouraging individuals and communities to make changes we can as our partners at LVA have said “change the world for one person”. We hope this week can act as somewhat of a beacon of hope and be used to access tools and resources. Hopefully we can all come together to make a positive impact on a survivors life.

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