PTSD Payout from the CICA: What to Expect in Financial Support

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In the aftermath of a traumatic experience, the journey to healing and rebuilding life can seem daunting. We help survivors throughout the UK and understand how difficult it can be to deal with the emotional toll of PTSD. However, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) in the UK offers a ray of hope through their PTSD payout, giving crucial financial support to aid in the recovery process. In this article, we explore the ins and outs of CICA’s PTSD payout, shedding light on the amounts CICA award for mental injuries and the steps during and after the process.

PTSD payouts are split into two types.

1. Non-Permanent Disabling Mental Injury Payout Scale

  1. Disabling Mental Injury Lasting up to 28 Weeks: £1,000
    For those whose disabling mental injury lasts up to 28 weeks, the CICA provides a payout of £1,000. This category covers cases where the impact of PTSD is significant but may be temporary or relatively short-term.
  2. Disabling Mental Injury Lasting up to 5 Years: £6,200
    Survivors enduring PTSD for up to 5 years receive a compensation amount of £6,200. This payout reflects the extended amount of time and the considerable effect the mental injury has on their lives.
  3. Disabling Mental Injury Lasting More than 5 Years but not Permanent: £13,500
    In cases where PTSD persists for over 5 years but is not considered permanent, the payout increases to £13,500. This category covers situations where the mental injury has a substantial and enduring impact, while still allowing room for improvement over time.

2. Permanent Disabling Mental Injury Payout Scale

  1. Permanent Disabling Mental Injury (Moderate): £19,000
    Survivors with permanent PTSD that significantly impairs their ability to function receive £19,000 as compensation. This category recognises the ongoing and severe nature of the mental injury.
  2. Permanent Disabling Mental Injury (Serious): £27,000
    For survivors with more serious and permanent PTSD that profoundly affects their daily life and ability to work, CICA provides a payout of £27,000. This highest level of compensation acknowledges the enduring and severe impact of the mental injury.

It is important to note that the mental injury payout scale provided by the CICA serves as a general guideline for compensation amounts. In specific cases, the actual payout may increase based on additional factors. For instance, survivors may be eligible for loss of earnings payments, which can supplement the compensation received for the disabling mental injury.

Application Process and Collation of Evidence

To initiate the process of claiming a PTSD payout from the CICA in the UK, you must provide crucial clinical evidence. An official diagnosis of PTSD or other mental injuries from a qualified healthcare professional is crucial, and it should be well-documented in your medical records. The diagnosis must establish a direct link between the physical criminal injury you experienced and your mental health condition.

When completing the CICA application form, be accurate in detailing your PTSD symptoms, their impact on your life, and the treatments you are having. Additionally, ensure that all relevant specifics about the crime are included, such as police report details. Whether you manage the application independently or with legal representation, accuracy is key in showing the required information effectively.

Gathering thorough medical evidence plays a pivotal role in strengthening your claim. Describe your PTSD diagnosis, treatments, and how they affect your daily life in detail.

Evaluation and Assessment for CICA PTSD Payout UK

After you have submitted your application, the CICA commences the crucial evaluation and assessment process. This step is paramount in determining the appropriate compensation for your PTSD claim, regardless of whether you handle the application on your own or with legal representation.

During the evaluation, the CICA examines the evidence provided, including your account of the crime, police reports, and any other relevant documentation. They assess whether the crime meets their guidelines and whether there is enough evidence to establish a direct link between the traumatic event and your PTSD.

Your medical records are of utmost importance during this stage. They offer insights into the severity of your PTSD, its impact on your daily life, and the effectiveness of the treatments you have been receiving. The CICA seeks a comprehensive understanding of your condition to make a well-informed decision regarding your PTSD payout.

The Waiting Period: How Long Until You Receive the Payout?

Once you’ve applied for a CICA PTSD payout in the UK, the decision process normally takes 12 to 18 months. The CICA carefully reviews medical records, police reports, and may conduct psychological assessments. Their commitment to fairness ensures survivors receive just compensation. Cooperating and staying engaged during the process is vital. The waiting time varies based on individual circumstances and case complexity.

The CICA dedicates itself to effectively processing applications and aims to reach decisions within a reasonable timeframe of 12 to 18 months. However, it’s important to understand that each case is unique, and certain claims may require more time due to various factors, such as the complexity of the evidence provided or the need for more information.

To avoid potential delays, ensure that your application is complete, accurate, and supported by comprehensive evidence. Engaging with a legal representative with expertise in CICA claims can also be beneficial, as they can navigate the process effectively, advocating for your rights and ensuring the submission meets all necessary criteria.

Coping During the Waiting Period: Seeking Support

Throughout the waiting period for your CICA PTSD payout decision, it’s understandable that you may experience additional stress and uncertainty. Coping with PTSD and its effects can already be challenging, and waiting for the payout decision may add further emotional strain. During this time, don’t hesitate to seek support from mental health professionals, support groups, or loved ones.

Remember that you are not alone in this process. The CICA is dedicated to helping survivors of violent crimes, including those experiencing PTSD. They are committed to ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve to help rebuild your life following a traumatic event.

Stay patient and keep seeking support from those around you. Remember that the CICA is working diligently to provide the financial assistance you need during this difficult time. The wait may be difficult, but it is important to remain hopeful and focused on your healing journey.

Beyond Financial Support: Empowering Healing and Recovery

While no sum of money can erase the pain and trauma caused by a violent crime, the payout can significantly add to the healing and recovery process. The financial support received can be used in various ways to improve well-being and take steps towards reclaiming life.

Essential Bills and Expenses: Dealing with PTSD may lead to financial burdens. The CICA payout can help cover essential bills easing some of the stress associated with financial responsibilities.

Seeking Specialist Treatment: In some cases, specific treatment may be necessary to address specific PTSD symptoms. The compensation can be used to seek out such treatment options, guaranteeing that you receive the care best suited to your individual needs.

Holistic Healing: Healing from PTSD involves not only addressing the emotional impact but also nurturing your physical and mental well-being. The payout can be used for activities such as yoga classes, mindfulness workshops, or other self-care practices.

Taking a Healing Break: Sometimes, a change of scenery can be a help in the healing process. The CICA PTSD payout can be used to take a much-needed break, whether it’s a relaxing holiday or a retreat in nature, letting you focus on self-care and healing.

Our Thoughts

Receiving a CICA PTSD payout in the UK is a significant step towards reclaiming life after a violent crime. Here at the Criminal Injuries Helpline we understand that no amount of money the CICA can offer can repair the damage that has been done. However, it can act as a stepping stone in your journey towards healing.


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