Safiyya Vorajee: Her Journey To Empowering Other Survivors

Image of Safiyya Vorajee radiating strength and resilience, representing empowerment for survivors.

On Friday 12th April 2024, Safiyya Vorajee hosted an event at Royal Lancaster Hotel in London, the goal? To help survivors reclaim their power. Safiyya covered a range of topics over 3 hours with the aim of helping each survivor feeling inspired and motivated.

What Inspired Safiyya Vorajee To Create The Event?

Safiyya Vorajee has spoken about her experiences of domestic abuse in recent years. In her book, Loving You and Losing You, Azaylia, Safiyya spoke of feeling trapped inside of a abusive relationship prior to her relationship with Ashley Cain. Safiyya hoped through her book she would be able to inspire and help others, a theme that is ever present in the work she does.

Saifyaa more recently joined Ant Middleton on his podcast Head Game to discuss a range of topics. Safiyya discussed witnessing domestic violence as a child and then sadly experiencing it in a relationship of her own as an adult. She told Ant how the abuse got to the point where she had to call the Samaritans for support which pushed her to leave.

The Event: One Night With Safiyya

Safiyya Vorajee hosted her event alongside Clare Bowers – a psychotherapist, to guide the discussions. The event covered a series of topics: Breaking down your personal barriers. Overcoming fear and lack of confidence. Working through grief. Building your resilience. Finding your purpose and allowing yourself to live life on your own terms.

The event acted as a place where like minded survivors could turn up as strangers but leave as a close – knit community of friends. Abbie Quinnen and Beth Lord also took to the stage. They told their stories which resonated deeply with the audience. Clare Bowers described the event as “inspiring and profoundly moving”. Those in attendance left feeling both comforted and inspired after the evening of sharing stories in such a safe space. Many left feeling motivated to gain their power back.

Criminal Injuries Helpline’s Role In The Evening

Here at the Criminal Injuries Helpline we have been working with Safiyya Vorajee over the last few months in preperation for the event. We discussed with Safiyya the little known Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. A scheme in which many survivors are unaware they could be eligible for financial compensation for all they have suffered. Safiyya spoke with those in attendance of how our services help survivors with this process ensuring it’s as stress free as possible whilst maximising their chances of obtaining compensation.

Like Safiyya told her guests there is no contact with the abuser. There is also no need to attend court as part of the process, two factors we found can be a cause for concern for many survivors. We are honoured to have been part of such a special event. We hope all in attendance left with a rekindled strength to reclaim their power.


We are in awe of the strength and courage Safiyya Vorajee has shown through all the adversity she has faced. Safe spaces for survivors are lacking so for her to create her own we are sure will have been well appreciated by those in attendance. We hope the event and Saifyya’s story can be a shining example that there really is light at the end of the tunnel even in the darkest of times.

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