Client Stories: Journeys of Resilience, Empowerment, and Justice.

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Non-Recent Abuse Claim: £75,651.32 Awarded to Miss T

  The Claim   In Miss T’s significant case, the long-term impacts of non-recent abuse are starkly evident. Suffering a period of sexual abuse as a minor, Miss T faced profound psychological trauma. The deep emotional scars from this period greatly delayed her ability to seek legal redress, a typical hurdle in cases of non-recent…

£179,050 Secured in a Tragic Brain Injury Claim

    The Case   In handling this brain injury claim, we were confronted with a heart-wrenching story. Our young client experienced a tragic incident during their early days. Due to a severe event, they sustained significant brain damage. This led to them developing cerebral palsy, greatly impacting their ability to control their limbs. In…

CICA Claim Success: £11,720 Compensation Awarded to Mr. M

  The Claim   Our client, Mr. M, found himself in a challenging situation. He had sustained severe injuries, including facial fractures, damaged teeth, and blurry vision. He also had scars, which served as a strong reminder of what he went through. Mr. M had hoped to get financial help through a CICA claim for…

£16,000 Increase To Mr E’s Criminal Injury Claim

  The Case:   Mr. E tragically experienced a brutal assault, suffering severe injuries from being stabbed and kicked. These serious events left him with profound physical harm and emotional trauma. Initially, the CICA only offered compensation of £3,950 in Mr. E’s criminal injury claim. This starkly misjudged the serious repercussions of his ordeal. This…

Historic Abuse Claim Ends With £231,670.80 Payout

  The Case:   As a young girl, Mrs. O was subjected to harrowing abuse for several years. This dark chapter of her life was marked by two individuals who abused her in the worst way. It took immense courage, but years later, Mrs. O found the strength to share her story with the police….

Uncovering our client’s £11,000 win against police assault

  The Case:   Miss W endured a sexual assault in June 2023 from a source most would consider trustworthy: a corrupt police officer. Beyond the physical pain, Miss W grappled with a paralysing fear. Finding the courage to voice such a trauma is challenging, especially when it concerns those meant to ensure our safety….

£11,000 compensation recovered for a survivor of sexual offences

  The Case:   In 2014, an unfortunate incident occurred that deeply affected our client, Miss K. She reached out to our dedicated team in 2020, seeking justice for the distressing sexual offences that she had endured.   Our Approach:   Initially, Miss K was out of the time limit to make a claim. Our…

Securing £4,600 in Assault Compensation

The Case:   Mr. B, a victim of a violent assault, experienced a severe leg injury, which lead to an initial compensation offer of £1,800. Recognising the potential for an appeal, we advised Mr. B on pursuing a higher award. Given the long-lasting impact of his injury and his ongoing disability, it was evident that…

Permanent Scarring Compensation Increased to £4,100

The Case   Mr. S, our client, suffered from profound permanent scarring that marred his neck, lower limbs, and torso. These visible reminders of his traumatic experience took a toll on both his physical well-being and emotional state. When Mr. S received an initial compensation offer of £1,950, he held onto the hope that it…

£33,720 Claim for Loss of Sight

The Case   Mr. P found himself dealing with the aftermath of an assault that resulted in facial scarring. Initially, Mr P received an offer of £2,400 for his injuries from the CICA. However, we quickly realised that the CICA had overlooked a critical element—the deep impact of his loss of sight in one eye….

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